Facade Cladding & Glass

Commercial Interior Contractors (CIC) delivers all the engineering and installation services needed for the different facade applications like Curtain walls, Aluminum composite panels, Steel structures, Glass Structure, Windows, Doors, Louvre's, Stone cladding etc. We believe the only way to meet the demands of the modern construction industry is by utilizing the latest technology combined with lateral thinking and customers satisfaction.

The design of facade requires advanced methodology and therefore we need specialized engineers. Our team is comprised of professionals with a diverse range of technical skills and decades of hands-on experience in facade industry. We work with prestigious fabricators, architects and consultants worldwide in facade industry. 

We strive to exceed expectations by providing practical, creative and enduring solutions to your construction and design needs. We would not only make the right choice of material at the concept stage, but also our leading edge-engineers will optimize these designs and apply their vast experience to develop these solutions into practical working details.

Good facade design contributes to optimized performance, reduced energy costs and improved comfort levels and our goal to achieve all these three factors in our projects.

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